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Simon Richards


Simon is a former teacher and online training manager who began eCoach early in 2017.
He has worked with some of the biggest organisations in the UK and devised learning that is utilised by over 60,000 learners every year. A real passion for training and education drives Simon’s ethos for eCoach and has underpinned the company’s growth from the start. He lives just outside Cardiff, is married, has two fantastic children and a dog called Skylar, and supports the Bluebirds!

Email: [email protected]

Jamilia Lewis

Learning Design Manager

Jamila has a degree in Computer Animation and by joining her illustration and design skills to an acute pedagogical style, she has designed highly engaging and effective eLearning courses. She was part of BBC Wales Digital Media Department, and throughout her career was involved in projects for the NHS, Cambridge University Press, and Transport For London, among others. She uses baking as a way to relax, and enjoys physical exercise to keep fit and clear her mind!

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Siân Ingleby

Partnerships Manager

Siân has a degree in French and German and has been involved in the eLearning sector for over ten years. Prior to this, she was a Prison Education Manager and gained her PGCE for Post-16 learners during that time. She enjoys building a rapport with her customers and ensuring they are delighted with their chosen solution. She is passionate about Welsh rugby and loves travelling. When she is not browsing charity shops or doing crafts, she does enjoy a bit of singing and dancing!

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Charlotte Final

Marketing Manager

Charlotte is an experienced and dynamic Arts and Marketing professional who has been part of the Music, Events and Technology industries for the past decade. With a degree in Journalism in hand, she has demonstrated passion and diligence for working with stakeholders to organise and deliver successful campaigns and develop strategies. She lives in Cardiff with two young children, fiancé, and rescue cat, and is fond of cooking vegetarian food and practicing yoga to unwind!

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Nicolas Carrouaille

Web Designer

Nicolas has a PGCE in MFL, but the one language he favours now is…coding! With a fascination for anything IT, he is currently focusing his career on web development and project management, as well as being the tech guy of course! In the past, he has gravitated around teaching, data coding, customer services, and charity shop management. In his spare time, he enjoys going on little adventures with his partner and daughter, and is known for picking up the guitar in between lines of code!

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Rhys Griffith

Social Media Marketing Officer

Rhys has a degree in Event Technology and is newly certified in Digital Marketing. He has built, operated and directed live sport broadcast systems, streaming football, rugby, netball, and hockey to a range of media. He has developed technical skills in video editing and photography which have been key to the development of the Whistle Academy in partnership with eCoach. Outside the office, he is an avid musician and plays the drums. As a Swansea City football fan and season ticket holder, he never misses a game!

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